What is AlcoPledge

Alcohowl urges its users to DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

With Alcopledge, our website and social media handles are committed to promote responsible and safe consumption of alcohol.

Whilst the website takes pride in educating the community members about the alcohol and drinking cultures across the globe, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to access this information and educate others in the fine art of drinking (responsibly).

We are positive our Five Point Pledge and Guidelines will help our users have an amazing experience with their next drink.


5 Point Pledge

  • 1

    I will not drink and drive

  • 2

    I will cultivate taste, rather than indulge in quantity

  • 3

    I will respect the law of the land and those around me

  • 4

    I will not mix alcohol with drugs or other harmful substances

  • 5

    I will not behave irresponsibly after drinking

I hereby take the Alcopledge

Drink, Don’t Drive


Legal Limit of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in
India is 0.03% or or 30 µl alcohol in 100 ml blood

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How todrink responsibly


  • Make sure you are of legal drinking age in your region

  • Learn about how alcohol affects you as an individual (based on age, gender, medical history etc)

  • Make sure you pick safe drinking spots

  • Appoint a designated driver or plan your trip back home in advance

  • Decide to have a set number of drinks through the night and stick to it


  • Stick to one type of alcohol

  • Sip, don’t gulp

  • Stay with your group of friends/ acquaintances

  • Keep a track of your how much you are consuming

  • Eat something in between

  • Pace Yourself

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Have a friend (or the friendly bartender) let you know when you’ve had enough

  • Dont accept drinks from strangers

  • Watch your behaviour. Be responsible & aware at all times


  • DON’T DRIVE And don’t let your drunk friends drive as well

  • Get good rest

  • Manage your hangover by drinking enough water

  • Remember that morning-after Mimosa or Beer does NOT cure hangovers

  • Don’t drink every single day

How much is too much

The body can process only 1 unit of alcohol each hour.

One unit of alcohol roughly equals:

25 ml for Spirits 75 - 85ml for Wine & Champagne 250ml for standard Beer Do note that a lot depends on an individual’s age, gender, medical history and other factors.Everyone handles drinks differently and at different times. Always err on the side of safety.

The Alcohowl Promise

Responsibility is a two-way street. Here is our promise to ensure that we will do our best to promote Responsible Drinking. If you have any further suggestions on how we can add to this effort, please email us at info@alcohowl.com

  • 1. Alcohowl will target it’s marketing efforts towards adults of legal drinking age
  • 2. Since our platform is purely based on alcohol and nightlife, readers always have an option to opt out
  • 3. We will respect religious sentiments and do everything that is not in conflict with the law of the land
  • 4. We will provide a safe and happy drinking environment at all our events
  • 5. We strive to create a drinking culture that focus on appreciation and enjoyment of drinks in a responsible manner
  • 6. We have partnered with outlets and bartenders who reinforce this promise, on ground