Want To Live Longer? Drink The Wine!

Kritika Kukreja

2nd May 2019



According to science, people who drink wine have a longer life as compared to people exercising daily!


It’s official, guys! Ditch that gym membership and get yourself another bottle of wine. In a recent research conducted at the University of California, people who consume 1-2 glasses of wine or beer a day tend to live longer.


In the research, the habits and lifestyle of people in the age group of 90 to 99 were compared. The result entailed that people who drank wine or beer each day were 18 percent less likely to die an early death.



During the same study, people in the 90 to 99 age group who exercised or visited the gym for about 30 minutes daily were at an 11 percent lower risk of dying early.


18 percent vs 11 percent.. I’ve surely made my choice *writes this while sipping wine*



Now that we’re talking about consumption of drugs, coffee consumption was another habit taken into consideration. People who enjoying drinking their coffee and consume nearly 2 cups a day have a 10 percent lesser chance of premature death.


So pour yourself a glass of wine, or a coffee.. and enjoy a long long life!