5 Bands and their Signature Brews you should know

Abhishek D.

2nd May 2019


What is good music without good beer? Be it a night when you’re settled in your favorite chair at home, or imagine being at a music concert rocking out to your band of choice, A great brew elevates the experience of enjoying tunes that we all grew up listening to. Here’s a list we compiled with our favorite artists collaborating with renowned breweries to create beautiful beers with an otherworldly expression.



Image courtesy: Rock News


Iron Maiden – Trooper Ale

Developed alongside the frontman Bruce Dickinson, this traditional English Ale is brewed at the legendary Robinson’s brewery. The beer boasts of the classic roasted malt taste with an added hint of citrus notes. It has a great hoppy character and goes down really well with the traditional fish and chips.

Alcohol content: 4.7%


Image courtesy: Doghead Brewery

Pearl Jam – Faithfull Ale

Made by Dogfish head craft brewery, this specific brew was made as a celebration of Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary as a band and its extraordinary debut album, "Ten". It’s a Belgian style golden ale with added fruit notes of black currants. The brew is mildly hopped that gives more importance towards the other primary ingredients.

Alcohol content: 7%




Image Courtesy: Wallpaper Abyss


Kiss – Destroyer

Brewed by Krönleins Bryggeri AB in Sweden, Destroyer is a European style lager. It exhibits a taste that is moderately sweet but no so refreshing because of that sweetness, bitterness is medium with herbal undernotes; this beer is reminiscent of the American Lager style and it will surely remind you of the hair rock days of Kiss!

Alcohol content: 4.7%




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Motorhead – Bastards

This one again comes from the legendary brewery in Sweden Krönleins Bryggeri. The beer style is a cloudy pale lager that characterizes the essence of Motorhead. Ironically the beer has a weak ‘head’ that dissipates soon; the hops add very less character to the taste but once chilled, it’s a great refreshing beer for day drinking.

Alcohol content: 4.7%




Image courtesy: Karlsberg


ACDC - Australian Hard Rock

Coming from the land of Germany, this beer is brewed in the pristine beer making estate of Karlsberg Brauerei. The beer was first put into production in the year 2014 for ACDC’s rock or bust tour. The beer is a pale lager that pours clear with a think fluffy head. Great floral honey notes with a biscuit and bready finish. It was a great way to celebrate ACDC’s induction to the hall of fame.

Alcohol content: 5%

Share with us your favorite bands and their signature brews in the comment section below and we will make sure we feature them in our next featurette of Alcohol and Music.

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