Mick Jagger in one of his legendary backstage revelries once said, “There are no absolutes in life, only Vodka”. Mick Jagger the quintessential British icon of binge drinking and good times loved vodka so much that he suggested a recipe for a “Vodka Pancake”!! A VODKA PANCAKE!!!! Yes let that sink in..

People who pass off saying I don’t drink much of vodka eventually succumb to the fact that they actually drink a lot of this stuff, because their favorite liquor frequently gets disguised in the cloak of tomato juices, Ice teas, orange juices even a heavy duty morning espresso just to set the tone for the day.

Vodka won’t turn sour

If you live in the farthest reaches of an untouched Siberian plateau or even a seedy apartment in Indore, Vodka will never disappoint you by going bad or stale, think of it as that friend you can always count on, the distillation process of vodka is such that it raises the ph level of the drink to a point where microbes won’t even dare to come near. Too bad for you microbes. Your loss.


Calories..What Calories?

Ever been scared of not fitting in a dress? The fear of raising the blood sugar levels to a point of no return? Vodka got you mate! Don’t worry. Vodka has the least no. of calories in comparison to other spirits. Well maybe just a little more than water, but always remember no good story starts with drinking water.


Body Heat

Shout to my people staying in places of high elevation. You don’t need to spend money on that fancy room heater any more. Just a couple of quick shots of this crystal clear beauty will leave you with rosy cheeks and warm ear ends. Vodka was used as a stimulant during times of war to maintain the body temperatures in the cold Russian Tundra.


Versatile Cocktail Base

If vodka was a person, it would be a sales executive for sure; the way vodka mixes with other drinks is unparalleled. Maybe that’s why it becomes the base spirit for so many different cocktails all over the world. Ever tried mixing whiskey with heavy cream with no prior experience on infusions? We bet it must have been a bad experience for your tummy and the taste buds.


It’s your doctor on call

In a recent study conducted by NCIB (National Center for Biotechnology Information)* stated that in comparison with other alcoholic spirits, vodka has a more calming effect on the cardio-vascular system of the body. Not even your favorite Red; you just can’t beat that. Apart from this vodka is also an antiseptic and an antibacterial, that means it can be used to clean wounds, we do not suggest that you try this out after your next bicycle fall, you wouldn’t want to waste the precious liquid in getting your knee cells high. Vodka is also known to counter bad breath in Russian folklore; another reason to say goodbye to your morning rituals of dental care.

We are sure there are many more reasons that made vodka sales sky rocket all over the world from other spirits but these were a few reasons we think that may convert yet another lost soul into a bear fighter from Russia and a vodka connoisseur. Well at least a lover of a well-made screwdriver.